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[pde-ui-dev] Problems with PDE (Bugs or features?): update site, features and operating systems... (Part 2)

Hi all,

Here is my second trial to build my update site as described in the previous e-mail.

1. I create a main plug-in project named "Test" with ID "test" anI put all the code common to all the platforms inside it.

2. I create a feature for with ID "test.feature" and reference the plug-in from it.

3. I create another feature with ID "" for all the code for Win32 platforms and the same with "test.feature.linux" and "test.feature.macos". Then I include all 3 features in "test.feature"

4. In the main page of each subfeature's feature.xml editor I specify the corresponding OS platform.

5. Also, in the "Included Features" page of "test.feature", I specify one more time the OS platform for each of the 3 included features.

QUESTION: Do I have to specify both OS mentioned above at points 4 and 5? Is one enough? Which one has priority of both specified with different options? (I am asking because I could not test it. see below)

6. I create the update site project and include the "test.feature".

7. 1st BUG? I build the update site and surprise: from all the 3 subfeatures, only the feature marked with win32 is built (I am working on a Win32 machine b.t.w.). But I wanted to filter the user installing this plugin, not me that I have to build it for him in all distributions.

8. 2bd BUG?: But I can hack this! I reset all the OS tags for the subfeature and build again, s.t. I have all versions built. SURPRISE: Even if you clear all the OS tags only the "" is built from the 3 subfeature?!?! After half hour of trials I realized Eclipse caches these settings. So you have to restart Eclipse :(((( Every time???

9. 3rd BUG?: This has another catch: If "Build All" button in an update site does not work unless you restart Eclipse after OS tags are changed, trying to install and uninstall plug-ins and features with the update manager is useless to. I also spent another hour to realize this. :(((

10. 4th BUG? But reseting the OS marks at point 8 is not that clever after all since the feature and project jars will be built with xml files that don't contain the OS marks. So, do I have to manually modify every feature.xml in every jar of the subfeatures back to the original OS tag? How should I do this? (Assume that the libraries for different OS platforms is already built. I just need to package it in different features.)

So, I could make this running and I gave it up with such a frustration that it made me write these emails. (and b.t.w. I never liked writing e-mails)

Thanks for reading this!

There are still some questions above I would like some answers to...


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