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[pde-ui-dev] Question about Eclipse-GenericRequires and Osgi Framework Launch Configs

If I specify a Eclipse-GenericRequires in the bundle manifest of SomeBundleA  that is satisfied by a Eclipse-GenericCapability in the manifest of SomeBundleB and then create an OSGi Launch Config that contains only SomeBundleA:
1. When I select the "Add Required Bundles" button  SomeBundleB is not selected
2. When I select the "Validate Bundles" button it tells me that SomeBundleA is Missing Constraint: Eclipse-GenericRequire.
3. If I launch the runtime anyway I get a Bundle Exception that the bundle could not be resolved due to the missing constraint.
4. Manually adding SomeBundleB to the launch config solves all the problems
My question is Is there a way to have the launch config automatically add the bundles that satisfy the Eclipse-GenericRequires?
I ran this test on a Eclipse 3.M5.

I also traced the "Add Required Bundles" button call into the org.eclipse.pde.internal.core.addBundleAndDependencies method, hoping there might just be some option to turn that behavior on, but it looks like it only includes dependencies based on the RequiredBundles and ImportPackage manifest tags.  Is there some magic option?


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