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[pde-ui-dev] Fw: Tools to create API profiles?

> Are there tools in PDE API that allow one to create API profiles in 
batch mode? 

There are two APIs - I'm not sure if either meets your needs:

(1) There is an API on the Factory class to create a new, empty API 
profile (with a name, version, and execution environment). Once an empty 
profile is created you can create components for each bundle in the 
profile via the "IApiProfile.newApiComponent(String location)" method 
(specifying the root location for each bundle). Once all the components 
are created, you can add them to the profile (which will resolve the state 
of the profile - i.e. reconcile prereqs, etc.). The is a profile manager 
that persists/restores profiles for the workspace (via XML). The profile 
manager only works when OSGi is running, but there are static methods on 
the profile manager that should work in batch mode - @see 
ApiProfileManager.getProfileXML(..) and restoreProfile(...).

(2) There is an API to export an API component - 
IApiComponent.export(...), which could be done for all components in a 
profile. There are options to use during the export to control whether 
class file stubs are created and whether compression is used in the jars. 
This is intended to be used to create stub versions of profiles for use as 
API baselines.

If you need some other function, or some combination of this function 
could be made more consumable, let us know.



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