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Re: [pde-ui-dev] adding plugin source to eclipse?

Thanks Brian.  I actually succeeded different way. Since I didn't want to have to set up my eclipse yet again, I went in to the update mechanism and looked for new plugins, selecting some that looked like source bundles. I got lucky.


Brian Bauman wrote:

The source should be included in the SDK (make sure you don't get the binary only download).  

Source look up is done by looking in your target platform to see which plug-ins contribute source.  The source for that particular class should be in the "org.eclipse.platform.source" bundle.  Once that bundle is in your target platform (and you reload), you should be able to see the source for that class.

Brian Bauman
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From: John J Barton <johnjbarton@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: pde-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 01/21/2008 08:05 PM
Subject: [pde-ui-dev] adding plugin source to eclipse?

A while back I downloaded, installed and configured
eclipse-jee-europa-fall2.  I must have added PDE to it.  But to my
surprise the source for the base classes of my plugin are not
available.  I guess I should have downloaded the RCP version of eclipse
and added J2EE to it? How to get the source for eg
org.eclipse.core.resources.IncrementalProjectBuilder into my
environment? Seems like this ought to come with PDE right?

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