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Re: [pde-dev] How to set the baseline for developed plugins and to get versioning error for them ?

Hi ilke,

1) Ensure that the plugin project has api tool set up ( project ->Plugin-in Tools-> API Tools Set Up)
2) Ensure that all api tool preference are set properly preference page ( Plugin Development - >API error/warnings ) . Set error in all relevant tabs
3) Ensure that some packages are exported so that they are treated as API ( In Manifest file - go to runtime tab and then select packages to export)
4) Set the baseline as you have done

I did 1 to 4 and then I got. Use quickfix ( right click on error and select quickfix) to do version management.

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Inactive hide details for ilke Muhtaroglu ---11/09/2015 02:01:59 PM---Hi, at this link of eclipseilke Muhtaroglu ---11/09/2015 02:01:59 PM---Hi, at this link of eclipse

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Subject: [pde-dev] How to set the baseline for developed plugins and to get versioning error for them ?
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at this link of eclipse

 it says "
    • Click Browse... and select the root folder of the Eclipse SDK you want to choose as your baseline"

I want to use API Tools for the plugins I create. I want to easen updating the version numbers of plugins. Hence I set the baseline as workspace of the plugins. And Eclipse found the plugins I develop and I added it as baseline. But it didn't work too. I don't get an version update error for plugins when I add a public class with public methods. I use the default settings they are set to give error under version tab of PDE Preferences.

Previously I set the root folder of eclipse as stated at link but that didnt help. When I choose the eclipse root folder as baseline I see the eclipse plugins and I can set it as baseline. When I go to source folder of the plugin and say "compare with"  "APIbaseline..." and choose the default baseline it says "No changes have been found".

I can attach any screen shot of eclipse if you want. I attached my current settings. 

Thanks in advance.


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