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Re: [pde-dev] Versioning plugins with pde api tools

You should not manually add a natures. Use context menu > Plug-in Tool > API Tools Setup... to configure your projects for API Tools.

The baseline has to contain a previous version of your projects, otherwise API Tools cannot compare your current projects and cannot do anything useful.


From:        ilke Muhtaroglu <ilke.muhtaroglu@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        06.11.2015 18:50
Subject:        [pde-dev] Versioning plugins with pde api tools
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I have changed the nature of project than it give an error stating create a baseline. I did it by selecting the current eclipse installation and then creating a default baseline. Then this error is gone and i waited now to give error for updating the version of plugin via manifest file after creating a method or class. How can i get an error prompt for versioning a plugin. What i need to do to use versioning of eclipse api tools ? We have 26 plugins in our project and we update their version number manually and we sometimes forget to update their version numbers. How so many eclipse plugins achieve versioning them ? Can you please help?
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