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[pde-dev] A reminder that our target platform user experience is still lacking

One of the points that Mickael repeatedly made in this presentation was that it was the target definition editor that caused the issues, not the target platform API, not the p2 resolution process.  While his examples used a local p2 repository, he indicated that changing the target platform through the API is significantly faster than using the editor (even though both are running the same target resolution).

For 4.5 we are still dealing with performance issues relating to the model initialization becoming target definition based.  In 4.6 we should make an active effort to investigate the performance of the editor as well as reworking the p2 editor workflow.  The target file format is now stable, so we could also consider making editing target files 'manually' easier and possibly incorporate some of Mickael's tools (the XText dependencies will still be an issue).


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