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Re: [pde-dev] Target Platform question

> I guess we have a different view on that. I'm using OSGi and p2 to be able to manage this type of complex scenarios and operate safely within them. I'm much more inclined to trust that an automated SAT driven process will do the right thing than to trust a rigid, and thereby fragile, combination of hand crafted set of features.

I like flexibility, SAT is fine and I agree that many situations are complex. There should be a new construct to capture and exploit these. That will be great to have in Indigo.  In Helios however, if you pick up the EMF SDK feature it says that it *includes*  If you add that to your product/feature and install, you may not get 2.6.0.x.  Having p2 metadata that does not match its corresponding feature is, IMHO, a problem. If feature publishers actually want that then they should spec requirements in their features to correctly convey the dependencies.


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