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[pde-dev] Integration with LXR: is it possible?

Hi All,

  I use Eclipse as an IDE for one very rare programming language
  named Protel. Also I have a source cross-reference tool with web
  access based on LXR (Linux Cross Reference) with all Protel sources

  And i want to integrate both of this tools! It would be great to
  make a click on an identifier (procedure or variable name) in the
  Eclipse and get a browser opened with a proper LXR page in it!

  But I don't know Java, Eclipse API, PDE etc :(
  Could you please think this idea over and let me know if it is
  possible to implement? If it is then I'll probably try it soon. Any
  guidlines would be very appretiated :)

  PS. As far as I understand the situation is complicated a bit since
  i work with non-java source and the resource editor (with
  Colorer-take5 plugin) is used.


Best regards,

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