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RE: [pde-dev] tooltip?

Ok, got it working, thanks :) Sorry for the newb question, I just started working with Eclipse here about a week ago :)


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I thought all you had to do to get the tooltip working is specify it in
the plugin.xml where you define your action.

That seems to work for me.

On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Joe Reynolds wrote:

> Hi guys and gals,
> I finally got my plugin working correctly and deployed etc. Something I
> noticed though is when you hover the mouse of the button in the tool bar it
> doesn't show a tooltip like the rest of them. After looking on the eclipse
> forums it seems like you have to write a class just to show a tooltip. Is
> there an eaiser way to do this? I thought that it would have been a line in
> the plugin.xml but couldn't find anything in that regards. Any insight on
> how to do this would be appreciated. Thanks...
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