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[pde-dev] Plug-in Classpath

      I have modified the HelloWorld plug-in just to load another class
from a Jar file. I included the JAR in the Java Build path and also, in the
External libraries entry of the runtime section of Plugin.xml file. When I
run the plugin via Run->Run-As Workbench menu, I get the Classdefinition
Not Found error for the newly included class. The Runtime libraries section
of the Plugin.xml file seems to be completely ignored

I also have another plug-in that uses a JNI to load a DLL. Can any one
suggest how do I include the DLL for the plug-in to see. I have added the
DLL in the system path. But it does not seem to be helping. Thanks for
helping me out.


Jogeswar Challapalli
Senior Systems Engineer,
IBM WebSphere Business Partner Enablement,
IBM, Austin, TX,
e-mail: jogesh@xxxxxxxxxx
Ph: (512) 838-9239
Fax: (512)838-0169
IBM T/L 678-9239

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