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[pde-dev] Having major troubles getting started ...

If I want to use an example such as the java editor for 2.1 and change it to
be a project in my workspace.  How do I go about this?  I am so confused.  I
can create a Plugin project and then import the files from the java example
directly.  Then things break.  So, then I create an empty plugin project and
I lose my code when I add them via explorer (windows) to the src directory.
I need instruction on how to begin using another plugin as example and then
hacking my way to my own plugin.

Or is there a better way? I need assistance with the steps to doing what I
want.  I have found documentation on the coding, that's understandable.  But
the configuration and startup is where I am hung up.

I want to use the java example as a workspace project but use my package
(com.piratepete.xpdeveloper.SQLEditor).  I then wish to hack the code to
support SQL syntax-highlighting.  I have a stand-alone application that does
this.  I keep failing with getting the project and the example code in place
using my package and renamed java code.

Thanks for any help,


David L. Whitehurst
aka. PiratePete

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