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RE: [pde-dev] Java Build Path Control


Right Click on the PDE Project, Click on "Update Classpath...", this may
solve the problem.


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Subject: [pde-dev] Java Build Path Control


I'm using 3.0M2 and I've got some problems with the automatic build path
I've got everything checked at:
Prefrences >> Plug-In Development >> Java Build Path Control

I've got serveral libraries that are internaly used by my plugin but
they are not added to my build path, when I'm adding them to
<runtime> <library ... in plugin.xml.

I thought that was the path control all about. And I think pde actually
removed my libraries when I introduced an plugin.xml.

Well right now my only solution is to add the libraries manually to my
build path, but than I have no consistency between my build path and the
  plugin classpath during deployment.

Any Ideas ?


PS: Recently I get some strange something like "unbound required plugins

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