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[pde-dev] new plugin project creation problem

I have the following problem with plugin projects:
If I create, *the first time*, a new plugin project eg. the built in "Hello, World", it is installed fine and 
running as runtime-workbench shows the button and the new menubar.

When I delete the project in the "packege browser" through the popup menu, and say remove files, 
then the project is also removed... fine.

Now comes the problem:
Installing the same "Hello, World" plugin project the second time, creates the project, but if I run as 
runtime-workbench, neither the button nor the menu is visible that was there after the very first 
creation of the plugin project.

The same behaviour is with other plugin project examples.

Any ideas?

The problem occured on:
Mac OS X 10.2.5 and win NT
Version: 2.1.0
Build id: 200303272130

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