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[pde-dev] JWSDP problem...solved!


I just started development on my first Eclipse Plug-In but I came across an awful problem when trying to build any Plug-In project (regular Java projects build fine for me). Anyway, after some investigation I discovered that the problem lay with an endorsed-JARs conflict from the Java Web Services Developer Pack 1.1 (JWSDP a.k.a. Java WSDP). Consequently, I posted a message on the Java web services forum and I thought I had better include it here too...see below.

Warmest regards,

Jeff Lawson
Cogent Logic
Toronto, Canada


This is a pre-emptive solution!

When Java WSDP is installed on J2SE 1.4.x, the JAXP v1.2.2 component requires endorsed JARs to be made available. This can be done by:

  - Creating the folder <JAVA_HOME>/jre/lib/endorsed and copying the JARs to it or

  - Ensuring that the java.endorsed.dirs system property points to <JWSDP_HOME>/jaxp-1.2.2/lib/endorsed.

The latter approach is flawed because the order in which the folder appears in the classpath is indeterminate so it's JARs could be 'masked' by others (the former approach effectively puts <JAVA_HOME>/jre/lib/endorsed at the head of the classpath).

There is, however, a problem with using the former approach in that some software (actually, I know only of Eclipse thus far) will be unable to run correctly. When compiling Plug-Ins for Eclipse, the following message appears:

    Problems occurred building the selected resources...


I got around this problem by running Eclipse with:


My Eclipse shortcut is:

  C:\eclipse\eclipse.exe -vm C:\j2sdk1.4.1_02\bin\javaw.exe -vmargs -Djava.ext.dirs= -Djava.endorsed.dirs=

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