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[pde-dev] remote debugging of a run-time workbench

Hi folks. I'd like to be able to debug a remote workbench. Here are the steps I was thinking would be involved:

0) A remote user has installed a plug-in I provided. That user reports a severe problem, and I realize that I have no clue where the problem is happening, and will need to debug. Furthermore, I cannot seem to recreate the problem in my own environment. The remote user does not have the source code, but I do. The remote user isn't really a programmer anyway, and would have no idea how to debug the problem. Maybe he paid me money for my plug-in and is therefore definitely not interested in fixing the problem himself.

1) The remote user performs a Debug Run-time Workbench, ensuring that all the plug-ins that are in the plugins directory(or directories) are activated.

2) As the run-time workbench comes up, the launcher displays the port number in the "Debug" view.

3) Now, the remote user tells me his host name and port number and assures me that there is no firewall blocking our communication.

4) In my workbench, I activate Debug->Remote Application, enter the remote user's host and port.

5) I have the plug-in source code in my workbench, so I should be able to set breakpoints and the like, and even terminate the remote application.

Sounds pretty, right? Minor problem: when I try to debug the remote application, I get a ConnectException -- the socket does not appear to be open.

I have tried this between 2 different workbenches on the same machine, so it's definitely not a network/firewall problem. Anybody have any idea where I'm going wrong? Or is there a better way to handle this in the first place that wouldn't require the user to do anything outside of the Eclipse GUI?


-JJ Kratky

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