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[pde-dev] Classloader Problems while java.beans.XMLEncoder

Hello World

we have a strange problem while using the java.beans.XMLEncoder (JDK 1.4+).

When trying to encode one of our classes inside some Eclipse Plug-in code of
ours we get the following exception:

--- 8< snip ---

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: de.oio.bugkilla.DummyObject
Continuing ...
java.lang.Exception: discarding statement
Continuing ...

--- 8< snip ---

We attached some code which mimics the problem.

Any ideas?

	Steffen and Kristian

Orientation in Objects GmbH
Weinheimer Str. 68
D-68309 Mannheim
Tel. +49(0)621-71839-0
Fax. +49(0)621-71839-50

Description: Binary data

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