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[pde-dev] HelloWorld newbie plugin Question

Hi all,
   Firsty, aplogies for posting to the mailing list if this is no appropiate but I have already posted to the newsgroup with no luck. I am really and Google doesn't help either :(

  I am working through the helloworld plugin tutorial but when it comes time to compile/run the plugin, it says: "Launching failed: Plugin "org.eclipse.core.boot" is missing or does not contain "boot.jar" library (if in workspace, check that boot.jar is on the project's classpth)"

 I then included it as an external jar but the same error appears.
   I am using the motif version of Eclipse 2.0.2 with SuSE 8.1, kernel 2.4.19. 

   This must be a very basic and common question, but I cannot seem to find anything while googling. Any help would be great, thank-you

Best Regards,

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