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[pde-dev] Re:

> pde-dev -- confirmation of subscription -- request 260217
> We have received a request from for subscription of your
> email address, <wangtg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, to the
> pde-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.  To confirm the request, please send a
> message to pde-dev-request@xxxxxxxxxxx, and either:
> - maintain the subject line as is (the reply's additional "Re:" is ok),
> - or include the following line - and only the following line - in the
> message body:
> confirm 260217
> (Simply sending a 'reply' to this message should work from most email
> interfaces, since that usually leaves the subject line in the right
> form.)
> If you do not wish to subscribe to this list, please simply disregard
> this message.  Send questions to pde-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx.

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