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[pde-dev] Improved mail list archives now available (Supports MIME and attachments)

Improved HTML viewable mail archives for all our mail lists are now
available.  The main page for the archives can be found at  For spam control you will still
need your *newsgrouop* ID and password to access the archives.  You do not
need to be a member of a list in order to access the archives.

Unlike the mail digests, the archives handle MIME/HTML and attachments
pretty well.  In fact we will likely be phasing out digest mode in the
future.  For groups that you currently monitor with digests you may want to
try the archives instead.  You can set your mail list subscription up so
that mail is not sent to you (but you will still be able to post messages)
and then use the archives to view the mail.  The archives can be browsed in
date or thread order.  To set up your subscription options go to a link
like, enter your
email address in the last text box on the screen and press the Edit Options

A search facility for the mail archives, the news groups and the web site
(including the articles) should be coming next week.

Please send mail to mailman-owner if you have any problems with the

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