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[papyrus-sysml-users] Development setup

(maybe a little off topic for the sysml-users mailinglist, but there's not devel yet :-)


What would be the recommended (=fast and easy) way to have a development environment for papyrus-sysml based on mars?
- Install eclipse-mars with papyrus-sdk and import the plugins from the (clone of the) papyrus-sysml git repository?
- Oomph?
- ...

Are there any gotcha's to take into account?

Secondly, is there any documentation yet on (parts of) the workflow?

For instance, suppose I would like to work on/think about Small square box notation for an internal property

A value property may optionally be shown by a small square box, with the name and other specifications appearing in a text string close to the square box. The text string for such a value property may include all the elements that could ordinarily be used to declare the property in a compartment of a block, including an optional default value. The box may optionally be shown with one edge flush with the boundary of a containing property. Placement of property boxes is purely for notational convenience, for example to enable simpler connection from the outside, and has no semantic significance. If a connector is drawn to a region where an internal property box is shown flush with the boundary of a containing property, the connector is always assumed to connect to the innermost property.

It seems like the first step I would have to perform would  be to add a requirement to 

Is there any documentation on that flow yet?



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