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Re: [papyrus-ic] Papyrus IC presence at MODELS


MDH will be at MODELS and organize the ModComp workshop, supported by Papyrus IC (we put the logo on the workshop's webpage and I will mention the PIC in the opening and closing).

Please let me know whether more actions from my side are needed.


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Hi Ernesto,


Unfortunately, Flanders Make will not be present on this event.


Best regards,



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Onderwerp: [papyrus-ic] Papyrus IC presence at MODELS


Hello everyone. As you know, MODELS is quickly approaching and the Papyrus IC is a Gold Sponsor. 


In order to have a good idea of the Papyrus IC presence at the conference, we would like to compile a list of the people and presentations related to Papyrus and the consortium. If you are a member of the consortium or participate in its activities and you have a paper, presentation, tutorial, poster, etc., let us know.


We are collecting all related MODELS information in the wiki at Feel free to contribute to the wiki page.


By the way, the consortium will be sponsoring a pub event on Tuesday, Sept. 19th at 8pm on a nearby pub. 





Ernesto Posse




Ernesto Posse


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