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[papyrus-ic] Expression of interest

Dear SC members,

We have explored the use of gamification techniques to increase the engagement of new modeling users and, in parallel, the use of serious games to teach modeling concepts. We believe both approaches have the potential to make a strong impact in growing the user base of Papyrus.

Sébastien already briefed you on these initiatives at EclipseCon France but we would be interested in presenting to the PIC SC what we have done so far, and a proposal for a follow-up project PIC could consider for funding. The project would be a collaboration between my team in Barcelona and Dimitris team in York with CEA acting as an interested party monitoring the project, and providing Papyrus technical expertise when needed. 

We are hoping to secure funding to cover 6 a man-month contract and a small budget for organization and travelling. A rough estimate for this would be around 55K. As a result of the project we are aiming to deliver a "Papyrus with games" RCP application that integrates both gaming techniques (gamification and serious games). We would be happy to provide more details about this request (not sure if there is a template we could base our proposal on).


Jordi Cabot (together with Dimitris Kolovos and Sébastien Gerard)

Jordi Cabot / Research Professor 
SOM Research Lab (ICREA - UOC) / My team / My blog My blog (Spanish)

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