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Re: [papyrus-ic] EclipseCon France 2017 - member representation and participation

Dear Charles,

Great effort!
We as Mälardalen University would like to be visible if possible. What kind of information would you need from me?


Federico Ciccozzi, PhD, Senior Lecturer
E-mail: federico.ciccozzi@xxxxxx
Phone: +46 21 151736

Den 2017-05-17 23:57 skrev "papyrus-ic-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx på uppdrag av" <papyrus-ic-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx på uppdrag av charles@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> följande:

    Good day everyone!
    As you may know, the Papyrus Industry Consortium will have a booth at EclipseCon France. I hope that if you are at the conference, you will take the time to stop by!
    At this booth, we plan to provide information not only about the industry consortium, but also about our members.
    If you are a member, whether user, supplier, or research and academia, I would like to invite you to provide information about your organization and how it benefits or contribute to the Papyrus IC. We will then collect this information and post this information on a poster board at the booth.
    The first step is in gathering interest from members. If you are interested in posting this information at the conference, please let me know as soon as possible. On Monday, May 29, we will determine the size of poster that you will be able to contribute, based on the number of interested organizations and communicate this information back to you. Unfortunately, in order to provide us with enough time to prepare for the conference, we will not be able to accommodate requests past this date!
    Please let us know if you will want other marketing materials (e.g., stickers) directly related to your participation in the Papyrus IC to be available at the booth. Note that space is limited, so we cannot promise any specific space on the table for these!
    Finally, we should like to get the logos of all member companies on one of the poster boards (we have two). Companies that are interested should let me know so I can add their logo to that poster. Unfortunately, the same deadline applies as for the members’ information, so I would need your response, and logo, by May 29.
    Thank you for all your help!
    Charles Rivet
    Senior Product Manager
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