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[papyrus-ic] Last chance to submit a talk for EclipseCon France! CfP closes in less than 36 hours!

Dear all,

You have now less than 36 hours to submit a talk to the EclipseCon France!

As every year, we plan to have a special focus on Working Groups in the program, and I would like to add that we are eager to read about returns of experience from the industry.  

Give a look at the current talk proposals to get inspiration, and go to the CfP page to submit your talk!

Last, but not least, we don't expect a full paper or a full presentation yet, but rather a short abstract that will convince the program committee that your talk will be very interesting for the attendees. 

Looking forward to reading your proposals, and to meeting you in Toulouse in June.
Gaël Blondelle
Director European Ecosystem Development
Eclipse Foundation Europe
Phone: +33 (0)673 392 185
Twitter: @gblondelle 

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