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[papyrus-ic] [picrac] Papyrus IC Research/Academia committee meeting this Thursday

Hello everyone. This is an invite to the Papyrus IC Research/Academia committee meeting.

The main points of the agenda are as follows:

1. Approval of previous minutes
2. Actions from previous meetings
3. Update on the committee organization and wiki
4. MODELS conference wrap-up
5. Webinar series organization, themes, format
6. Research priorities
7. Teaching materials
8. License(s) for posted materials

If there are any suggestions about the agenda, please send me (Ernesto) an e-mail (eposse@xxxxxxxxx).

Keep in mind that in Europe, Daylight Savings Time ends on Oct 30th, while in Northamerica it ends on November 6th, which means that the meeting of Nov 3rd will be at 10am EDT (Northamerica) and 3pm CET (Europe).

The link to the Skype/Lync connection is: 

For voice connection:

o Conference ID: 8863 44929

o Find a local number: 

For convenience, the phone numbers for some countries are as follows:

Belgium ________ +3227451325 
Canada _________ +15143150755,+16139636655,+19052681500
France _________ +33181874512
Germany ________ +492115343925
Hungary ________ +3614377455
Italy __________ +390672584925
Luxembourg _____ +352447040295
Netherlands____ +31161249925
Spain __________ +34913394004
Sweden _________ +46107140000
United Kingdom _ +441483496733
United States __ +14692667890,+19132417890,+14086627890

I hope you can join us!


Ernesto Posse

Ernesto Posse

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