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[paho-dev] Python client release

Dear all,

I'm planning on making a new release of the Paho Python client. I've
started work on the backlog of issues and pull requests and have
closed and merged quite a lot. There are still 151 issues open and I'd
like to get that a bit more under control.

I'm aiming to make the new release around the end of September. It
will be version 1.6 so new features are welcome, not just bug fixes.

I would be very happy to receive some help working through the issues.
If you can spare some time to look through the list that would be
useful. The kinds of things that would most help are:

* Find issues that are already resolved, and comment
* Find issues that are no longer relevant, and comment
* Work through an issue and confirm it is a problem, and comment and
provide your example of how to reproduce it
* Answer support requests
* Preparing a pull request for an issue.

Or, of course, reporting an issue that is bothering you.

The issues are here:



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