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[paho-dev] Paho Go 1.3.0 (

Hi All,

I have just tagged version 1.3.0 of paho.mqtt.golang. The last release was some time ago (v1.2.0 - April 2019) and this release incorporates a significant number of bug fixes and refactoring.

Due to the age of the previous release (and issues within that release) a significant number of users have been following @master which, other than documentation, has not changed since mid September. In this time no actionable issues have been raised so I believe the time is right for a new release.

While I don't believe that this release contains any breaking changes it does incorporate a lot of commits so there may be some edge cases. There is one commit (changes internal message channels from buffered to unbuffered ) that may impact users who publish from within a message handler (the documentation has been updated to highlight the issue; running potentially blocking operations within a message handle has always been problematic).

There is a bit more work to do on this client (tidying up issues) but I anticipate the focus to switch to the v5 client going forward (it would be nice to get a stable release out of this Q1 2021).


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