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Re: [paho-dev] End-to-end response

Hi Pankaj,

MQTT 5 has a concept called "Request / Response Pattern" that will do exactly what you want.

However, it seems you are bridging MQTT brokers. Depending on the broker you're using this might not work as not all brokers support MQTT 5 for bridging. Last time I checked mosquitto for example did not yet have MQTT 5 support for bridges.


On 15 Oct 2020, at 7:59, Kumar, Pankaj wrote:

Hello Dev,


Is there a way to get end-to-end response from a server which is two brokers away from client ?


Client ----------- Broker-1 ----------------Broker-2--------------Server


Looking for MQTT level solution without application level topic/messaging. I am using MQTT-5.







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