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[paho-dev] Hello and a link.

Title: John Price Signature

HI All,

I've recently joined the list after using your Ruby API on a project. -- Nice work!

I'd like to help out if I can.

I just drafted a rather too long video that provides an introduction to MQTT and builds a little app using the Ruby API. -- The video uses Mosquitto as the broker. A future video might use AWS IoT core.

Here's an 'unlisted' link to the video draft on YouTube. (I've not released it yet.)

Comments, suggestions and factual corrections would be greatly appreciated. I did this mostly as a service for newbies like myself. Is there value here for the project?



John M. Price, Ph.D.
Dígame Systems | 88 E San Fernando St. Suite 1511 | San Jose, CA 95113 | Phone: 408.840.9871

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