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Re: [paho-dev] How to build Eclipse Paho MQTT project in C


if you're not running Linux (or Windows or MacOS), that library is probably not going to work for you.   You will need something more skinny like:   If you are running Linux, then the easiest way to build will be to clone with git, then use the supplied Makefile or use CMake.

If you're running FreeRTOS, I think that these days it comes with an MQTT client?


On 03/06/2020 16:23, Neufeld, Vladislav wrote:

Dear Ladies and Gents,

I'm working with the FT900 Microcontroller and I would like to import the MQTT Paho library into eclipse in order to let the microcontroller communicate via MQTT.

Here is the link where you can find the library:

I tried to create a new project and copy the "src" file into "lib" of the new project. Then I took one of the example applications into the "Sources" folder in eclipse but I could not build them.

Then I tried to download the C client for windows from this link:

Attached there is a picture of the folder. I tried to copy the files into a new ecplise project but again I could not build the example apllication.

Is it possible to use the Eclipse Paho MQTT library with the FT900 microcontroller?

Could you please help me how to import the library properly?

Best regards


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