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[paho-dev] Paho-mqtt-sn - How to use MQTTSNSerialize_connect

Hi All,

I am using paho-sn client for mu project. I am using basic sn library. Application will be continuously sending message to server and receiving from it.

I would appreciate if you can answer below quires.

After I have successfully completed connect sequence (As seen in sample directory. MQTTSNSerialize_connect()->transport_sendPacketBuffer->MQTTSNPacket_read->MQTTSNDeserialize_connack), is there any scenario it has to be done again?
I am using cellular network for connecting to gateway. There will be scenarios in which cellular connection is lost and hence device not able to reach gateway.
When cellular connection is back, should I do connect sequence again?

Do I need to do connect sequence every time before publishing a message?

Thanks in advance,

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