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[paho-dev] Committer Election for Ranjan Dasgupta on Eclipse Paho has started

A committer election for Ranjan Dasgupta on project Eclipse Paho (iot.paho)
was started by Ian Craggs with this criteria:

Hello All.  I would like to nominate Ranjan Dasgupta as a committer, who
would be primarily responsible for the Java and Android MQTT client
libraries.  Ranjan works for IBM, and has worked with MQTT for many years,
including on the IBM MessageSight MQTT broker and Watson IoT Platform.  He
has been working on the Java client as a contributor since the beginning of
the year.  He has been responding to issues and created several pull requests
for fixes.  He has put together a plan for the next release of the Java
client, looking at the current issues, prioritizing the most important to
users.  He has also started to look at the MQTT 5.0 implementation.

Since last year, I've been mostly looking after the Java client myself.  But
I need to be able to focus on the C client libraries to properly maintain
them.  I hope that Ranjan will have the focus to get the Java client project
issues and PRs in good shape again.  I will work with Ranjan to ease him into
the committer role, and continue to support him when needed.

If you do have any questions about this nomination, please feel free to ask
me.  Thanks.

Eclipse Paho project committers can click the election link below to vote.



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