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Re: [paho-dev] Next C library release

Hi Frank,

the flurry of activity is because I decided to focus on getting the C client issue/PR backlog down to a manageable level.  First things first!  I had, and still do have, many things that could take my attention, but this obviously had been bugging me.  Things have settled down a bit now since I left IBM, so I can have my own priorities :-)

Having a C client release in the new year is a tentative plan, unless there are updates you would like to get sooner.

So, my order of priorities is now approx:

1) Get C client PRs and issues to a manageable level.

    a) Probably cut a release then to get accumulated changes out.

    a) Look at any fixes that need to be done for follow on - websockets is one area that does need attention.

2) Get Java client MQTT v5 release out, hopefully with collaboration from companies who are interested or rely on it. After that I hope to hand it over to some others.

3) a) Be able to give some care and attention to the embedded MQTT and MQTT-SN clients.

    b) Update Paho website to new Eclipse template.


On 05/12/2019 14:27, Frank Pagliughi wrote:
Hello Ian and all,

I've noticed a flurry of activity in the Paho C repo recently. Will there be a release in the near future?

The Rust MQTT v5 updates are coming along nicely, and there are a few bugs and omissions in the C++ library that could warrant a point release; probably by the end of the year. If we could coordinate something, it would be great.


Ian Craggs
Eclipse IoT PMC; Eclipse Paho Project Lead; OASIS MQTT TC Member

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