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[paho-dev] The Future of Paho

Hello all,

as of 10th October I am no longer an employee of IBM. I intend to continue with Paho and MQTT-SN standardization work for the time being.  There is some more background info in a blog post I've written:

I hope to finish off the latest release of the Java MQTT V5 client based on Vert.x, and continue with the support of the Paho C client.  There's been a bit of an interruption as I've been reorganizing my life, both personal and work.  My Eclipse and OASIS membership is now individual rather than as an employee of IBM - in both cases  that was a bit of an upheaval, but should be sorted now.

Currently I have some personal family business to focus on until November 5th, so I'll be giving Paho some focus after that.


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