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[paho-dev] [Paho MQTT Golang] Device only send 120 messages in store (QoS 2)

Dear Paho-Dev Team,
Let me introduce myself, I am Vio, from Indonesia.
I use Paho-MQTT golang to send data every 5 seconds to broker using QoS 2. The broker was installed in server with standard installation (no additional setting, except username and password).
When I lost connection, messages store in "mqttStore folder" which I created in internal memory. When I get connection, only 120 messages show in my subscriber. In folder, I still found the rest of messages. 

I want to ask about:
1. The rest of messages in store caused by mqtt in device or in the broker?
2. Are there additional setting in client to start MQTT in device?
my setting:
opts = mqtt.NewClientOptions()
opts.AddBroker("tcp://" + IPADDRESS + ":" + PORT).SetClientID("PT.IP_test/" + LOCOID)
opts.SetMaxReconnectInterval(30 * time.Second).SetAutoReconnect(true).SetMessageChannelDepth(150)

Thanks for your help

Best Regards,

Aditya Alviori

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