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[paho-dev] Problem with message arrived.


I am using Eclipse Paho C in synchronous mode where I subscribe to only one topic. When I publish a message for the corresponding topic, the message I receive is correct only on the first occurrence and is weird there after. This is the issue I am facing:

  1. I publish "1234" from C client
  2. I receive "1234" on C client. No problem on the first go.
  3. I publish "1234"
  4. I receive "1234Client.c"
  5. I publish "hello"
  6. I receive "hellolient.c"
  7. I publish "1234"
  8. I receive "1234Client.c"

I do not see any overlap of messages but the message arrived seems to be concatenated with some file's name. Am I supposed to clear some buffer every-time I receive a message?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,

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