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[paho-dev] Python Paho with Asyncio

I am building a project that uses asyncio  + web sockets (autobahn), and I also need to push the communications to AWS IoT. Their python SDK is using Paho. I am trying to figure out if this library will create any issue when run in asyncio coroutines. As I am new to asyncio, I am not sure what to look out for. I timed calls to publish, and calls on my callback function, and the numbers are not worrying, also setting asyncio loop to debug did not raise any warnings. Are there any issues I should be aware of? 

Example calls to my callback, and publish using MQTT: 

'customCallback' () 0.00191832 sec
'publish' () 0.00036097 sec
'customCallback' () 0.00030494 sec
'publish' () 0.00015020 sec
'customCallback' () 0.00023699 sec
'publish' () 0.00019360 sec
'customCallback' () 0.00017810 sec
'publish' () 0.00021982 sec

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