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[paho-dev] mqtt async client

Good morning,

I’m a software developer at Sitael, based in Italy, and I am interested in implementing mqtt solution in our IoT project.


Let me give you a brief explanation of our case:

In our IoT project we have:

  • a lot of IoT sensors that send mqtt messages on topic  “IDSENSOR/status”
  • a Java back-end client connected to the broker with just a single client connection (single client id connection). Our back-end client is the only client that process the sensor messages, subscribing to +/status.


We want to be able to receive multiple messages, in our Java back-end client in an asynchronous way.


I’ve read on your website that is possible to get a non-blocking API using Paho Java Client.

Is this possible to receive messages, in an asynchronous way, with your non-blocking API?

Could you be so kind to suggest me the correct way for using the non-blocking api functionality?


Thank you for the attention.


Best regards,


Viviana Cianciaruso

Back-End Developer

e-mail: viviana.cianciaruso@xxxxxxxxxx


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Via San Sabino, 21 - 70042 Mola di Bari (BA) Italy

tel. + - fax. +

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