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[paho-dev] Paho 1.3 Release

Progress on the Paho 1.3 release.

Java & Android: ready to go but James is working at Wimbledon at the moment, so the official release hasn't been made. I'll check with James to see what the outlook is.

C: I've created the 1.2 release of the C client in Github. Now I'll update the binary downloads, the documentation, and any the Paho website. I created the tag for 1.2 with Github desktop, forgetting that it doesn't support signed tags - doh! If you want to sign the tag you create, you have to use the git command line.

C++: Frank will make the client available soon after the C client, as it based upon it.

Python: Pierre has made the 1.3 release already and it's available on PyPI. We have to update the Paho website to reflect the latest info.

Go: Al wanted to squash one last bug before releasing 1.1. It's one of those tricky timing ones. He's good to go otherwise.

.Net: Paolo has already made 4.3 available

mqtt-spy: I believe Kamil has this ready to go. We have to create the release, tag, and add the information to the Paho website (

Embedded C and MQTT-SN C: I have to prepare those. I'll be in touch with Tomoaki about the MQTT-SN gateway release.

If anyone has any other updates or questions, let me know. Thanks!

Ian Craggs
Eclipse Paho Project Lead; Committer on Eclipse Mosquitto
Tech Lead in IBM Watson IoT Platform

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