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Re: [paho-dev] Paho Python client v1.3.0 release

Thanks Pierre. The official date for the Eclipse Oxygen simultaneous release is Wednesday, the 28th.

We'll be trying to get as many of the updates available as soon as possible around that date. I know that James has the Java and Android clients ready to go, and I will have the main C client ready.

We'll round up any stragglers as soon as we can after that. I've just been on vacation and have some more to come, while James is helping out for IBM at Wimbledon - that's the reason we've been quiet.


On 20/06/2017 13:35, Pierre Fersing wrote:
Hi all,

The Paho Python client version 1.3.0 was just released. It's available
on PyPI:

For the details of changes see the changelog:

Major points are:

* Some breaking changes: Python version requirement upgraded, on_connect
callback is always called with flags and tls_insecure_set must be called
after tls_set

* Add support for TLS SNI

* Fix issue with unicode topic and binary payload

This release will be part of the global Paho 1.3 release expected in few


Pierre Fersing

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