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Re: [paho-dev] Paho 1.3.0 (Oxygen) Release Plan

Hi James,

I've updated the Python client milestone with all issues/PRs to be released with Oxygen:

The paho.mqtt.python include one API breaking change: Setup of insecure TLS connection will require two methods to be called in a specific order. Before the order was not important. The note "tls_insecure_set() must now be called *after* tls_set()" is included in ChangeLog.txt but may worth being re-added in the Oxygen release page.



Le 15/05/2017 à 12:08, James Sutton1 a écrit :
Hi Everyone,
I've filled out the Paho Release Plan for the 1.3.0 (Oxygen) release which is available here:
Please could all of the committers take a look and make sure that I've got the version numbers right for the individual projects. Also if there is anything you would like have added to the release plan regarding your projects (A new interesting feature, breaking API changes etc..), let me know and I'll add them in.
Because we've moved from Bugzilla to GitHub issues, it means that the Issues list won't be automatically updated with all of the issues we've resolved in this release. As it would still be good to list the issues that we've fixed in this time, we think that the best way forward will be to link to the GitHub Issues Milestone for this release (e.g. As every repository is doing things slightly differently, could each committer send me a link to the Milestone  or Issues query that best sums up the Issues resolved for this release please, then I'll add them in.
Many Thanks,
Kind regards,
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