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Re: [paho-dev] Paho Release 1.3


The release version of the Python client is marked as 1.2.3 (on This is the current release and a new release is expected for Oxygen (1.3 or 2.0 if the drop of support for older Python version is considered a breaking change that worse going with 2.0).

My question is: it is expected because this page is not yet updated, or should I already make the 1.3/2.0 release ?


Pierre Fersing

Le 05/05/2017 à 17:45, Ian Craggs a écrit :
Dear committers,

the Paho 1.3 Release is coming up, scheduled for the 28th June to be simultaneous with the rest of the Eclipse platform. As with previous releases, individual components do not have to have the same release number as the overall project, as they are each at their own level of maturity.

The new components in this release are:

    - mqtt-spy (Kamil)

    - the C++ client (Frank)

    - MQTT-SN transparent gateway (Tomoaki)

All at release level 1.0.

Other components will have new releases for new function or service releases as the committer responsible sees fit. A new release for a particular component is not necessary if no changes have been made, we'll go with the most recent update, which in some cases could be unchanged from last year.

Because there are a lot of projects all releasing at the same time, the load on the IP and Eclipse PMC teams is high at this time of year and I would like to get the reviews done early, if possible. There are two: IP Log review, and the Release Review.

The IP Log review checks that we have been following the IP processes properly: it is generated from the project page: As a committer, your contributions are not recorded (unless you use an alternative email address). I would like to submit the log next week - after which there should be minimal changes to it.

The Release Review uses the release documentation here:, which James is going to update in the next few days. It would be good to list the release numbers of each component we are going to use, so if we don't know we'll ask. The issues page: used to be populated from bugzilla. As we've now moved to Github it's empty - we're going to try to fix that, firstly by seeing if there's already a solution to populate it from Github.

As part of the release each component should update the documentation and other pages on the Paho website. We'll need two new pages for mqtt-spy and the MQTT-SN transparent gateway. For anyone that doesn't know, the website is simply a git repo at Any download artifacts, wherever they are kept, need to be updated.

An important part of the release is tagging it in Github, so that the code level snapshot is recorded and saved.

If anyone has any questions about any of this, please ask.

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