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[paho-dev] MQTT-SN - Where to start from

Hi everyone,

In first place, sorry if this is not the correct distribution list to ask my question (is not uniquely related to Paho client).


I have been reading about MQTT-SN protocol for few days, reading the specification (, the Ian Craggs’ session at EclipseCon 2015 ( and other ‘less official’ sites.


I know the technology is little bit immature yet, but I would like to start with some tests using MQTT-SN. When I started using MQTT I quickly recognized two main reference software (Paho as client and Mosquitto as broker), but in the case of MQTT-SN I can´t see any winning ‘reference code’ to be used. Is there any pure C Paho version that supports this protocol? I see this (, and after reading Ian Craggs’ slides from EclipseCon, the Nicholas J. Humfrey’s one ( .


On the other side, I would need a Gateway to talk to. Of course I initially thought in Mosquitto and I saw that the feature is proposed (, but I can´t see MQTT-SN in current Mosquitto source code ( Does it means that the protocol is not implemented yet in Mosquitto?


Finally, I saw in Paho MQTT-SN Embedded C client that it has code for a Gateway. I understand that it will be a tiny Gateway to be used on very resource limited devices, right? I mean, if the device is not so constrained Mosquitto alternative would be suitable, right?


I don´t mind if some features are not implemented on the selected client/gateway, I could try to implement them myself and contribute to the community.

Thank you so much for your guidance and sorry in the mail is too offtopic for this list.


Adrián M.

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