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Re: [paho-dev] Compile instructions for Paho C++ client on Windows x64

The Paho C++ library is written in C++11, and thus requires a recent compiler that is compliant. So if you're targeting C++11, then everything should be fine. We are currently considering build tools for Windows, and will likely go with a CMake that works for both Windows and Linux, but that may be a few more weeks. Note, however that the C++ library is a wrapper around the Paho C library, which needs to be installed first.


On 08/25/2016 07:19 AM, Fabian Unterstell wrote:
Hi everyone.

I want to use the Paho MQTT C++ client on Windows. The project requires the use of c++11 and the x64 architecture.

So i have 2 questions:

1. Can the MQTT C++ client work with these requirements?
2. How do I compile the sources for Windows x64? There is no documentation available for this.

Best Regards
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