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[paho-dev] Python Client inheritance

Hi guys,

I'm using the Python implementation of MQTT through the paho-mqtt package. The documentation says that you can inherit from the Client class to create your own MQTT_client. Nevertheless, inheriting from the client doesn't allow you to define some on_* functions directly in the class because they are overridden by the __init__ call of the base class...

So, there is any particular reason the define Client.on_* to None in the __init__ instead of using classical member functions like this :

class Client(object):
    def __init__(self, ...):
        # Nothing about self.on_*

    def on_*(self, ...):

An implementation like this would not break the actual behavior (you can redefine function, using mqttc.on_connect = my_new_connect_function), and it would be easier to inherit, defining overriding on_* functions in the sub-class.

If this seems a good idea, I propose myself to do the patch.

Kind regards,

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