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Re: [paho-dev] case study using M2Mqtt C# example develing with SharpDevelop - information about C# dotnet MQTT Client Library Encyclopedia – M2Mqtt

Hi Jan,

The only person I can say for certain can help is Paolo, and I don't think he follows the list assiduously. I'm not sure what to suggest really.



On 12 Apr 2016 11:30, "Jan Willem Teunisse" <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
A kindly request to this group: is there somebody available with C# knowledge of the M2Mqtt library and who can answer my questions, which I sent last week to this group?

At present I could build and run the prototype C# program without runtime errors, but I get a MSgID of value 1 and my Groovy subscriber did not recieve the topic and Payload message.
What does the value 1 of the MsgID means?

With best regards,

Jan Willem

------------------------------ previous email ----------------
Hallo Paolo and pah-dev group,

On March, the 29th I sent you, Paolo, an email with some questions about C# M2Mqtt client library in order to make a start with a case study on the subject of using the M2Mqtt library in a Winbatch script on a Windows 10 pro (64) environment. A couple days later I also joined the paho-dev mailing group following an advice form Dominik of HiveMQ.
unfortunately I did not get any answers on both emails.

In the meantime I started to develop as a first step a sample C# program in order to get familiar with the library in publishing a payload message, see the attached program.cs file.
When I build the program.cs in sharpDeveloper, I get the following errors, which are in Dutch.
Build started.
Warning MSB3247: conflicten gevonden tussen verschillende versies van dezelfde afhankelijke assembly.
Compiling m2mqttPubMsg
D:\Ontwikkelomgeving\C#_mono\m2mqttPubMsg\m2mqttPubMsg\Program.cs(48,4) : Error CS0012: Het type System.Object wordt gedefinieerd in een assembly waarnaar niet wordt verwezen. U moet een verwijzing naar de assembly System.Runtime, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a toevoegen.
D:\Ontwikkelomgeving\C#_mono\m2mqttPubMsg\m2mqttPubMsg\Program.cs(53,4) : Error CS0012: Het type System.MulticastDelegate wordt gedefinieerd in een assembly waarnaar niet wordt verwezen. U moet een verwijzing naar de assembly System.Runtime, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a toevoegen.
D:\Ontwikkelomgeving\C#_mono\m2mqttPubMsg\m2mqttPubMsg\Program.cs(53,31) : Error CS0103: De naam client_MqttMsgPublished bestaat niet in de huidige context
D:\Ontwikkelomgeving\C#_mono\m2mqttPubMsg\m2mqttPubMsg\Program.cs(56,31) : Error CS0103: De naam MqttMsgBase bestaat niet in de huidige context
Build failed. (00:00:00.7828545)

The warning is about differences in reference to the used assemblies in M2Mqtt.WinRT.dll. The tool AsmSpy gives the differences as:
Reference: System.Runtime by M2Mqtt.WinRT by M2Mqtt.WinRT
Reference: System.Collections by M2Mqtt.WinRT
Reference: System.Threading by M2Mqtt.WinRT
Reference: Windows by M2Mqtt.WinRT
Reference: System.Text.Encoding by M2Mqtt.WinRT
Reference: System.Runtime.Extensions by M2Mqtt.WinRT
Reference: System.Threading.Tasks by M2Mqtt.WinRT
Reference: System.Runtime.WindowsRuntime by M2Mqtt.WinRT

How can I resolve this warning and the related errors?
Any tips or suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

Beste regards, from the Netherlands,
Jan Willem Teunisse

------------------- previous email29-3-2016 ------------------
Ciao Paolo,

Last week I read your nice and clear article about the MQTT Client library (M2Mqtt) and liked to try it for my domotica IoT project.

I installed yesterday using Nuget the M2Mqtt dotnet library package on my windows10 development PC in order to publish a MQTT message using a Winbatch script.
Winbatch support dotnet assemblies. The M2Mqtt package is installed in the Winbatch script directory using “nuget install M2Mqtt -o D:\Winbatch\Ontw”

After installing the M2Mqtt package I saw 6 subdirectories in the d:\Winbatch\Ontw\M2Mqtt.\lib\ directory. All containing different DLLs.
I’m now confused which DLL I have to take to get the uPLibrary.Networking.M2Mqtt namespace and to define the object new MqttClient.

Maybe you can help me out,  as I need some suggestions or advice to proceed from here on to get things working.

Beste regards, from the Netherlands,
Jan Willem Teunisse

P.S. I also posted a comment on the blog of the above mentioned article, Dominik advices me to contact you more or less directly.

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