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[paho-dev] What's happening in Paho land?

Hello all,

as any of you who've met me will probably attest, I'm not one for talking a lot.  (Except perhaps after a couple of beers, but under those circumstances, who keeps quiet?)  But as I've returned from a long vacation, it's a good time to give an update on what's happening in Paho. 

Over the past 3 months, we've been working on the transition from Eclipse git repositories and Bugzilla to Github.  Because Paho has many repositories, this is a significant amount of work.  We've not completed it yet, but the main repositories have been copied/moved, and most of the committers are using Github as their main place of work. (We had a sticking point with Paolo's m2mqtt repository, but I think we've resolved that now.)  I think it's worth the trouble, because of the greater exposure the Paho code and team members get, even though some of the Github tools aren't yet as capable as Bugzilla for instance. 

We are working towards the Paho 1.2 release in May/June - a simultaneous release with Neon.  The main updates are:
    - "offline buffering" (aka publish while disconnected) and automatic reconnect for the Java, C and _javascript_ clients
    - the first formal release of the Go client
    - WebSockets support for Java and Python
(documentation for the release will be here:
If any committer intends to add something else to the release, please let me know.

While I'm updating the C client with offline buffering and automatic reconnect, I hope to resolve as many of the open issues as possible.

mqtt-spy is to become part of Paho.  I'll be kicking off a vote for the author, Kamil, to become the committer responsible for it very soon.

Various web site updates and improvements, like the addition of the Twitter feed.

I'm hoping we'll see some results from Tomoaki's work on an MQTT-SN gateway in the near future.

Christoph Krey has contributed his iOS client, but we do have some restrictions still on what can be added to the Eclipse repositories, because of Apple licensing agreements.  I'll be working with Christoph and the Eclipse Foundation team to see what approaches we can take.

I'm conscious of not having kept up with my intended updates and issues on the embedded client(s).  After the 1.2 release I intend to rectify that, with significant updates to be included in the follow on Paho release.

If I've forgotten anything, and I feel that I must have, or anyone has more to add, please do reply on the mailing list.  I have also been considering restarting the 30 minute two-weekly conference calls that we used to have for Paho - if anyone thinks those would be useful, please let me know.



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