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Re: [paho-dev] Idea: Paho Examples & Snippets Page for website

Hi James,

looks good.  Talking of HiveMQ, I thought it would be a good idea if each client page had a list of implemented and unimplemented features, like the HiveMQ blog posts.  This would make it easier to compare client libraries, and possibly an incentive for the author to fill in any blanks :-)


On 29/03/16 15:09, James Sutton1 wrote:
Hi Everyone,
One thing that I noticed when I first started working with the Paho Clients was that it was sometimes quite hard to find good examples of how to accomplish certain tasks using them, E.g. Self signed TLS certificates. Although we have some pretty good API documentation, I thought that It might be good to have some actual examples available for users to quickly find what they need to get started. AFAIK the HiveMq Blog posts are pretty much the best source of "How to do x using the Paho Java/Python/C library" at the moment, but they aren't always easy to find unless you know they exist.
So whilst I was stuck on a train for a few hours last week, I thought I'd knock together a little proof of concept for something that we could use to make things easier for new users:
It's a simple static webpage that's inspired by the Node-Red flow library over at, All examples are just a file containing the code that's hosted in an 'examples' directory, with a reference / title / description for it added in a file called index.json which the webpage's JS reads and renders. 
It's quite rough around the edges for now as I've only been working on it in my free time, but do you guys think that this would be something that the Paho Community would like?  I won't be offended if you all think it's a terrible idea ;-) but if you think it could be worth perusing, I'll spend a few more evenings polishing it up!
Kind regards,
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