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[paho-dev] Java client SSL session resumption

Hello all,

a bug has been raised on the Java client:


describing how the method the Java client reads from the socket does not allow the SSL session to be resumed:

"Paho uses a blocking read of the socket input stream with a very long (infinite?) socket timeout.

Due to this, in order to stop the receiver thread it has to forcibly close the socket while the thread is blocked on the read.

This causes the read to throw a SocketException which has the effect to also invalidate the SSL session."

The proposed solution is to have the socket read regularly timeout after some interval so that stopping the receiver thread can be done after the timeout has expired without having an exception thrown.

I have not verified the situation myself, but the traces verify the conclusions. I find this solution unsatisfying in that we have to choose a timeout interval and then the shutdown procedure cannot be immediate every time.

Does anyone know definitively whether this situation occurs on all JVMs? And, are there any different solutions? Some sort of signal to interrupt the wait without causing a severe exception would be ideal.


Ian Craggs
icraggs@xxxxxxxxxx                 IBM United Kingdom
Paho Project Lead; Committer on Mosquitto